Headbands That’ll Help Channel Your Inner Amanda Gorman

If you’re still somehow unfamiliar with the work of Amanda Gorman, the nation’s youngest-ever inaugural poet, chances are you are at least familiar with this image of her:

Gorman has since appeared on the cover of Time, on “The Ellen Show” and at the Super Bowl, where she wore another version of the headband crown starring a large strand of pearls:

The red Prada headband Gorman wore at the inauguration inspired stories in the New York Times and Vogue, prompting an uptick in our collective headband interest even if we have no imminent plans to leave the house.

Gorman herself noted that she wore her inaugural headband horizontally at her mother’s suggestion, noting on her Instagram stories that she would “highly suggest a headband crown for anyone wanting to stand taller, straighter and prouder.”

Below are eight headbands and hatbands to stand tall ― even if you’re just sitting on a Zoom call.

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