Afghan War Casualty Report: January 2021

Jan. 5 Faryab Province: one civilian killed

The Taliban attacked security outposts near the district town in Shirin Tagab District. During the clashes, a civilian vehicle was hit by a Taliban rocket, killing one civilian and wounding three others. The Taliban tried to hit a security outpost with a car bomb, but it was targeted by a rocket fired by security forces.

Jan. 5 Ghazni Province: seven soldiers killed

Seven soldiers were killed and another was taken prisoner in an insider attack in the Tawhid Abad area of Ghazni City, the provincial capital. A Taliban infiltrator, who was working as a soldier, first poisoned seven of his colleagues in the outpost, and then shot and killed them with a suppressed firearm. He seized weapons and equipment in the outpost and took one soldier prisoner.

Jan. 5 Kunar Province: one police officer killed

The Taliban attacked a security outpost in Jaje Tapa area of Sarkano District, killing one police officer and wounding two others.

Jan. 5 Kapisa Province: one police officer and one civilian killed

A provincial council member’s bodyguard was shot and killed in the First Police District of Mahmood Raqi, the provincial capital. The same attackers, who were on a motorcycle, shot and killed a civilian Kalota area of Hese-e-Dowam Kohistan District. Police launched a door-to-door operation to track down those responsible for the killing.

Jan. 5 Kabul Province: one soldier killed

Col. Mojaba Sarwari, the commander of the Afghan army’s First Battalion who had been wounded in a car bombing on Nov. 3, died of his wounds in a hospital in Kabul, the capital.

Jan. 4 Nangarhar Province: two police officers killed

A magnetic bomb attached to a local police vehicle exploded in the Fourth Police District of Jalalabad, the provincial capital, killing two local police officers and wounding three police officers and one civilian.

Jan. 4 Kandahar Province: nine police officers killed

Nine members of a police special forces unit were killed in an apparent insider attack in Arghandab District. The officers were first poisoned and then shot and killed by Taliban infiltrators. The infiltrators seized military gear and equipment and escaped from the area.

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