Great Makeup Tutorials for New Year’s Eve

In a year that has involved much isolation and solitary quality time, makeup can still be an escape from 2020.

Makeup artists like Jezz Hill and Sam Visser, and content creators like Rowi Singh, have long played with and continue to use bright colors, sharp shapes and glittering jewels. In effect, they’ve kept the glam of New Year’s alive through this year. And with time in isolation and a low-stakes playground of sorts (if you mess up, no one will ever need to know), you too can experiment.

Whether you are watching the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square on your couch or tuning into a concert streaming online, here are some tutorials from makeup artists who can guide you with your New Year’s Eve look.

At minimum, you’ll need: brown eye shadow, glitter, lash glue and rhinestones.

Roxette Arisa Howe shows viewers how to do an eye makeup look with glittered eyelids and rhinestone adorned cheekbones. The best part is this look is beginner-friendly (ish).

At minimum you’ll need: brown eye shadow, glitter liquid eye shadow, Scotch tape.

If you’re wanting to use glitter but unsure about how, Desi Perkins shows viewers how to do eyeliner by adding blue glitter for a festive look. This tutorial includes informational tips like using Scotch tape under your eyes to create a sharp line with your eye shadow. Just add any color glitter of your choice.

At minimum you’ll need: black eyeliner, glitter, lash glue and rhinestones.

Feeling bold? This tutorial from YouTuber Olivia Spinks is inspired by the looks of the HBO drama “Euphoria.” This look might be best suited for cosmetic connoisseurs, but at the end of the day, glitter is meant to be fun, so don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines.

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